How will Implementing an Automated Child Health Record benefit my Hospital?

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The Healthcare Industry has evolved rapidly in the past few years; adopting state-of-art infrastructure, robotics, information systems, IoT devices, etc. With such advancements, the next step for hospitals is to focus on adopting technology for each specialized departments like Maternity, Pediatrics, Cardiology, etc. and sharing the captured data with their patients so as to maintain a healthy doctor-patient relationship, providing credibility and retaining the patients for long-term.

In Pediatrics today, the child health records in the hospitals are handed over to the parents as paper based records which are not formally maintained. Parents in most of the cases either misplace these records or do not carry them each time when visiting the doctor for administering the vaccination to the child. Hospitals do not maintain OPD record for vaccination and hence there is no way of recovering the vaccination history, leading to confusion and panic.

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What can a Hospital do to minimize this?

Every hospital can adapt to a system that keeps track of a child’s vaccination schedule, which helps parents to get timely reminders and notifications of vaccinations, digitally plot growth charts including both Fenton & WHO chart so that it is easy for doctors to educate parents about their child’s growth and give instructions as and when needed.

With this in mind, we introduce everyone to iCHR – India’s 1st Hospital linked Integrated Child Health Record – a revolutionary concept of automated vaccination record and growth monitoring, for your precious child. iCHR is up and running currently in Fortis La Femme, Jaypee Hospital, Paras Hospital, Bhagat Chandra Hospital & Alchemist Hospital. Our goal with iCHR is to attain the sustainable development goals and reduce the child mortality rate. It helps in keeping track of all the vaccinations according to the schedule recommended by the Indian Association of Pediatrics. The application offers the following benefits:

Benefits for Doctors

  • Cloud based patient management system.

  • Maintaining the visit history of patients which saves record keeping and maintenance cost.

  • Paperless and secured vaccination record available anytime, anywhere in the world. 

  • Brand documentation of vaccine.

  • Digital plotting of growth parameters on WHO and Fenton Charts.

Benefits for Parents

  • Paperless and secured Vaccination Record available anytime, anywhere on your mobile phone.

  • Interactive growth chart on parent’s mobile phone to track growth of preterm and term babies.

  • Easy to understand.

  • Each hospital visit details on tap of a button.

  • Automatic vaccination due date calculator.

  • Timely vaccination reminders and notifications for the parents.

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Lastly through iCHR we are helping a hospital to enhance the retainer-ship with their patient through timely vaccination reminders, notifications for promotional and announcements by the hospital, which helps in engaging the patient not just within the hospital premises, but also outside the hospital. If this sounds interesting and you are still not on board, contact us to know more on or 011-40644232 for further queries and we’ll be more than happy to help!

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