Current Vaccination Scenario in India

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In India, an estimated 26 millions of children are born every year. As per WHO in 2015, 5.9 million children under age five and 696,000 neonatal deaths were recorded. Achieving full immunization against preventable childhood diseases is the right of every child, and to provide this right to every child, the Government of India launched the Universal Immunization Program (UIP) in 1985, one of the largest health programs of its kind in the world. According to a report, it is observed that though the program is being operational for over 30 years, only 65% children in the first year of their life have been able to achieve full immunization and the increase in coverage has stagnated in the past 5 years to an average of 1% every year. It has also been observed that every year in India, 5 lakh children die due to vaccine-preventable diseases. Another 89 lakh children remain at risk, because they are either unimmunized or partially immunized against vaccine-preventable diseases. (Source: Mission Indradhanush)

Various reasons have been identified on why the coverage has been slow such as:

  • Lack of awareness on the need of immunization
  • The vaccination and growth records handed over to the parents are paper based records which are not formally maintained. Parents in most of the cases either misplace these records or do not carry each time visiting the doctor for administering the vaccination to the child.
  • Often the parents miss the vaccination schedule of their child due to the busy and hectic lifestyle, because of which the child suffers.
  • Hospitals do not maintain OPD record for vaccination and hence there is no way of recovering the vaccination history.

What can be done to solve this issue?

Technology is joining hands with Healthcare rapidly, from HIS to EMRs/EHRs; the need of the hour is to now develop applications which will focus on specialized departments such as Maternity, Pediatric Department, etc. With this thought, would like to introduce iCHR – India’s 1st Hospital linked Integrated Child Health Record – a revolutionary concept of automated vaccination record and growth monitoring, for your precious child. Our goal with iCHR is to attain the sustainable development goals and reduce the child mortality rate. It helps in keeping track of all the vaccinations according to the schedule recommended by the IAP. The application offers the following benefits:

Benefits for Doctors

  • Cloud based patient management system.
  • Maintaining the visit history of child which saves record keeping and maintenance cost.
  • Paperless and secured vaccination record available anytime, anywhere in the world.
  • Brand documentation of vaccine.
  • Digital plotting of growth parameters on WHO and Fenton Charts.

Benefits for Parents

  • Paperless and secured Vaccination Record available anytime, anywhere on your mobile phone.
  • Interactive growth chart on parent’s mobile phone to track growth of preterm and term babies.
  • Easy to understand.
  • Each hospital visit details on tap of a button.
  • Automatic vaccination due date calculator.
  • Timely vaccination reminders and notifications for the parents.

We at iCHR are profound & proficient in providing the platform at your doorstep starting from installation, training the end users, support and maintenance of the application. We make sure that you do not fall in traps & make the best of decisions for the hospital and the parents. If this sounds interesting and you are still not on board, contact us to know more on or 011-40644232 for further queries and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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