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Impact of mHealth on Child Healthcare in India

Mobile app revolution has just begun and mHealth is rapidly changing the healthcare delivery system. It is projected to be a 26 billion dollar industry by 2017. With the scope and reach of mHealth increasing day by day, […]

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Sluggish Tech Adoption in Healthcare

Every year new technologies are developed and implemented across various healthcare facilities to transform healthcare delivery; and all of these share a common frustration: Slow and unsteady adoption of new technology. So what’s exactly stopping these healthcare facilities […]

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Data – The Solution to Improved Child Healthcare in India

The healthcare industry historically has generated large amounts of data, which is driven by record keeping, compliance, regulatory requirements and patient care. As the healthcare today is more of patient-centric care, there is growing acceptance that data is […]

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Significance of Vaccination for Pre-term Babies

Preterm babies are premature babies that are born before 37 completed weeks of gestation. There are sub-categories of preterm birth, based on gestational age: Extremely preterm (<28 weeks)  Very preterm (28 to <32 weeks)  Moderate to late preterm […]

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Rotavirus vaccine – now a part of country’s immunization programme

Introduction to Rotavirus Rotavirus is a virus that causes gastroenteritis, an infection of the intestines and is one of the most common causes of diarrhea in children under the age of five. Studies have shown that nearly every […]

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How will Implementing an Automated Child Health Record benefit my Hospital?

The Healthcare Industry has evolved rapidly in the past few years; adopting state-of-art infrastructure, robotics, information systems, IoT devices, etc. With such advancements, the next step for hospitals is to focus on adopting technology for each specialized departments […]

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Malnutrition in India and how iCHR is helping

Birth of a child is perhaps one of life’s most treasured moments for every parent. Protecting the child’s health and ensuring proper nutrition and growth are the only important goal for any parent. In July 2015, the Government […]

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Current Vaccination Scenario in India

In India, an estimated 26 millions of children are born every year. As per WHO in 2015, 5.9 million children under age five and 696,000 neonatal deaths were recorded. Achieving full immunization against preventable childhood diseases is the […]

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